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CBC is a major cannabinoid that was first Isolated in 1966. CBC can be extracted from plant material or synthesized using a variety of methods. Synthetic CBC is said to be molecularly identical to plant based CBC however some customers may prefer plant derived CBC.

Even when isolated to concentrations of 95% or more CBC will remain a low viscosity liquid at room temperature. Color can range from light yellow or gold to an amber hue. This makes it a popular additive to vape cartridges since it inhibits crystallization while maintaining a high concentration of cannabinoids.

CBC is know to have strong anti inflammatory properties (Source:Jahan P. Marcu, in Neuropathology of Drug Addictions and Substance Misuse, 2016) In mice, CBC can relieve pain, potentiate the analgesic effects of THC, ameliorate-induced colonic inflammation, and paw edema by demonstrably inhibiting macrophage and MAGL activity (Cascio & Pertwee, 2014; Davis & Hatoum, 1983; Maione et al., 2011). CBC has also been show to posses anti- microbial and anti - cancer properties similar to CBG and these effects were increased when both were used in unison suggesting some interaction between the two known as the entourage effect or synergy effect. (Source:Gary Richter, ... Alexandros Makriyannis, in Nutraceuticals (Second Edition), 2021)

As more research comes to light CBC is quickly gaining popularity. This product can be produced with no THC and can be legally imported into Japan. For more information on bulk CBC Click Here.