Cannabinoid Raw Materials

水溶性フレーク・液剤(水溶性フレーク・液剤):Water Soluble Flake and Liquid(Water Soluble Flake and Liquid)


With the rising popularity of cannabinoid infused beverages has come the need for Water Soluble or "nano" Cannabinoid isolates and distillates. Almost any cannabinoid isolate or distillate can be converted into water soluble flake or liquid. The process of converting a standard cannabinoid material into Water soluble  can differ from supplier to supplier.



The standard method to produce water soluble flake or liquid involves adding ingredients that encapsulate the cannabinoid and using a device called a sonicator that employees high frequency sound waves to break the materials into very small particles. Recently new technology has been applied from the pharmaceutical industry allowing for smaller particle size. A good water soluble product should come with a particle size analysis showing average particle size of 100-300nanometers the smaller the particle size the more easily the cannabinoid can pass through the walls of the bodies' cells greatly increasing onset time and potency.



Water soluble Cannabinoids tend to have a bitter taste due to the nature of isolated cannabinoids, however the taste can vary greatly from product to product and some of the more skilled manufacturers have eliminated up to 95% of all taste so its important to make sure you taste test your product before purchase to ensure it is a good fit for your business. Water soluble products without emulsifiers are the most palatable.



One of the most important considerations when choosing a water soluble product is its shelf life. Most water soluble products claim a six month shelf life at best and not all can live up to this claim however it is possible to achieve shelf life of up to two years depending on the ingredients in your final product .


Water soluble flake is usually around 10 times concentration of its liquid counterpart. If your business already has mixing or stirring equipment you can save time money and storage space by ordering water soluble flake and mixing your own liquid. If you are new to beverage manufacturing you  may want to start with water soluble liquid as it is simpler to work with.


Water soluble flake or liquid isn't just a good choice for a cannabinoid beverage. It is literally the only choice. If your beverage business is in need of water soluble cannabinoids you can find some of the highest quality water soluble cannabinoids HERE.