Isolate Color(アイソレートの色について)


We often get questions regarding isolate coloration and color change. this can be a confusing and complicated issue as there are many causes of isolate color and color change.


By far the most common rumor we hear is that CBD isolate that is a bright white is more potent than CBD isolate that is an off white or eggshell color. If your CBD isolate is an off white color it most likely has 2 causes:



The most common reason is there is a very tiny and negligible amount of CBD distillate that was left in a thin film on the outside of the isolate during the washing and purging process. this distillate may still contain terpenes or other compounds that slightly tint the isolate. It is such a small amount it cannot be detected by analytical testing and will not effect  your final product in any way. This coloration could be removed by additional solvent washes but the declining price of CBD isolate in producing countries has led to producers performing fewer washes sacrificing color ( not quality ) for additional production in order for the producers to maintain profitability. 



The isolate has been left in an oxygen rich environment possibly at a high temperature for a long period of time. In this case the isolate was most likely discolored by oxidation and degradation. Neither of these things will greatly effect the potency of your cbd Isolate as long as the temperature is kept below about 25 degrees Celsius.



We also get many questions regarding the coloration of CBN isolate. Many of our customers have experienced a CBN isolate that has changed from white to pink or has a pink coloration. We recently spoke with our CBN supplier about this issue and he informed us that the problem tends to be related to the PH balance of the isolate or possibly residual contamination. He did not mention how he avoids this issue as it is his own proprietary procedure.  



For customers who want to keep their isolates as bright as possible and avoid color change the best course of action is to vacuum seal the isolates in a dry area and place it in the freezer. Make sure it is sealed very well as any moisture entering the container or bag may lead to mold or bacteria contamination. 


Ideally all Cannabinoid isolates will always be bright white and stay that way forever. Unfortunately even the best isolates will oxidise over time. The best way to ensure fresh product is to order from a supplier who can send fresh material directly from the producer in the original packaging. This ensures the product has not been exposed to any oxygen. Then, store the product at as low of a temperature as possible in low humidity. 



We hope this clarifies some of the confusion regarding isolate color and what it means. Hopefully you are now able to properly preserve your isolates to maintain the best coloration possible. If you would like to inquire about purchasing any of our isolates or just have questions fell free to CONTACT US.





    • kei
    • 2022.06.08 11:29pm


      • master
      • 2022.06.09 9:10am

      A refrigerator or freezer is a great option for long term storage. The Main thing to remember is to let the product heat back up slowly to room temperature before opening the container.Do this by letting it sit out overnight.

      Refigeration is really only nessecary if you are going to store your products longer than 30 to 60 days.

      Usually I prefer to keep distillates in the refrigerator. And isolates at a cool room temperature (75f or less) this keeps the isolates dry and prevents clumping.

      However if you plan on storing your isolates for extended periods of 30 days or more without needing to open the container to access the products then a freezer is the best option. Just make sure the product is sealed air tight. I would recommend in a vacuum sealed bag or container.

      Distillate can also be frozen for even longer storage times but it needs to be warmed up before working with it.

      Also all water soluble liquid cannabinoids should be kept in the refrigerator.

      Also please remember that light can affect cannabinoids so you should keep everything in a cool dark place.

      Hope this helps.