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CBG is considered a Major Cannabinoid. CBG has recently gained popularity in the United States and many hemp farms are now rushing to cultivate hemp cannabis genetics that produce high levels of CBG.


CBG can be found in isolate and distillate forms. While it is possible to find good quality CBG Distillate the market in the United states where it is primarily produced is has not created demand for THC -FREE CBG Isolate that would be acceptable for Japan so for our purposes we will focus on isolate. Like all isolates CBG Isolate is a crystalline powder that will be a fine white to off white or eggshell color. Look for more information regarding isolate color in our blog.



Like the other cannabinoids CBG has a host of effects. It it said to have Anti inflammatory and anti cancer properties in addition to helping to alleviate nausea.   (Source: S. Deiana, in Handbook of Cannabis and Related Pathologies, 2017) CBG has also been shown to help relive ocular pressure which may help in the treatment of  glaucoma.  (source: Joshua A. Hartsel, ... Alexandros Makriyannis, in Nutraceuticals, 2016) CBG has significant antidepressant effects as well. (Source:Ethan B. Russo, Jahan Marcu, in Advances in Pharmacology, 2017)

他のカンナビノイドと同様に、CBGは多くの効果を持っています。吐き気の緩和に加え、抗炎症作用や抗がん作用があると言われています。 出典:S. Deiana, in Handbook of Cannabis and Related Pathologies, 2017) CBGは眼圧を緩和し、緑内障の治療に役立つ可能性もあると言われています。  (出典: Joshua A. Hartsel、... Alexandros Makriyannis、『Nutraceuticals』、2016年) CBGは抗うつ作用も大きい。(出典:Ethan B. Russo, Jahan Marcu, in Advances in Pharmacology, 2017)

More research needs to be done to determine the extent of the benefits of CBG. However it is an important part of the cannabinoid family and can be beneficial both on its own or when combined with other cannabinoids to achieve the " Entourage Effect." See our blog for more information or check out

CBGの利点の範囲を決定するために、より多くの研究を行う必要があります。しかし、CBGはカンナビノイドファミリーの重要な一部であり、単独で、または他のカンナビノイドと組み合わせて、"Entourage Effect "を達成するために有益である可能性があります。より詳細な情報については、私たちのブログをご覧ください。また、。