Cannabinoid Raw Materials



One of the more controversial developments  in the Japan Cannabinoid market has been the introduction of so called " Organic" Products. While the USDA has certified many organic hemp farms and USDA Organic crude oil and distillate are abundant in the United States. Most UDSA Organic distillate tends to have at least trace amounts of THC and is not suitable for the Japan market however there is the occasional exception. Even more recently ( within the last 24 months) Organic isolates have appeared on the market and are gaining popularity .


Why should you purchase Organic CBD or CBG Isolate?


True organic isolates are made from certified organic Biomass using only USDA Organic Certified ingredients  and production methods in a USDA certified facility. This is especially important of your business plans to produce a food product. Most standard isolates need to utilize crystallization agents that are not approved by Japanese Food Department these same agents  are also not approved for organic production in the United States. Check a full panel third party COA and look at the residual solvents results to determine if your raw materials might be disqualified from food production or to learn more inquire HERE. This makes a USDA Organic isolate the only isolate product that is truly legal for food production in Japan. It's important to note that a product is only truly organically certified if you receive a certificate from a registered certification agency AND the product you are purchasing is listed by name on the addendum.  For more information regarding isolate ingredients and USDA certification CLICK HERE